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Payment with paysafecard
How can i pay using paysafecard, option used before is gone.
  • I'm glad to tell you Paysafecard acception is finally back the way it was before.
    You can add products to cart and select Paysafecard as you preferred payment method during checkout.
    After confirming the order, the order total will be deducted from your Paysafecard.

    Transaction costs sadly are expansive: 15%
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How do i pay by Phone?
  • Unfortunately very expensive, and not recommended but you can also top up your credit by calling your telephone.

    How does it works:

    1 - Click on one of the following values ​​€10€20€25€50€100 and follow the payment instructions in the pop-up window.

    2 - After successfully completing the payment, the remaining amount (see transaction costs) will be added to your shop account as credit.

    3 - The credit is automatically deducted from the total order amount during checkout.

    Phone payment transaction costs:

    For € 10 you will receive depending on country:

    € 6.50 credit Netherlands

    € 4.75 credit Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg

    € 4.25 credit Austria, Italy, U.K. Switserland

    For € 20 you will receive depending on country:

    € 13.25 credit Netherlands

    € 9.50 credit Belgium and Germany, Luxembourg

    € 8.50 credit Austria, Italy, U.K. Switserland

    For € 25 you will receive depending on country:

    € 16.75 credit Netherlands

    € 12.35 credit Belgium and Germany, Luxembourg

    € 10.65 credit Austria, Italy, U.K. Switserland

    For € 50 you will receive depending on country:

    € 33.50 credit Netherlands

    € 24.75 credit Belgium and Germany, Luxembourg

    € 21.25 credit Austria, Italy, U.K. Switserland

    For € 100 you will receive depending on country:

    € 67.00 credit Netherlands

    € 47.50 credit Belgium and Germany, Luxembourg

    € 42.50 credit Austria, Italy, U.K. Switserland

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Will you be getting bigger onsies and Abu Kiddos' to your selection anytime soon?
By bigger onsies I mean onsies which are over 80 cm from shoulders to crotch. I would also like know, if possible, whether Abu Kiddo's will come back to the selection.
  • Soon we will offer custom made onesies. 

    And we will be able to make to right size for you as our customer.

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Are you guys ever going to re stock more sizes in disposable diapers
It seems For months y’all have been out of certain sizes of diapers
  • That depends on what diapers your talking about.

    Some diapers are restocked, some are proabably never gona be restocked ever again.

    Some take a very long time, others are restocked quickly.

    Many different reason why products are out of stock.

    Often we don't really know when and it they are going to be restocked.

    You can always ask, but you will have to be specific what diapers you mean.

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abu super dry kids
dit is mn favoriete luier. maar is niet meer in voorraad zo te zien. komt die terug???
  • Helaas waarschijnlijk niet, ABU wil niet meer aan wederverkopers verkopen
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About Tykables Diapers
Hi! ABDL Factory. Excuse me! I wonder that Tykables Overnights and Galactic will restock again soon? Thank you!!
  • Overnight should be abck within 2 weeks i guess, Galactic might take a while still, sorry
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Do you have any latex nuk 5 pacifier teats
I couldn’t order any today.
  • Thank you very much for the tip, it was a problem in configuration.

    The problem is solved now.

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Wie kann ich mein Konto löschen?
Ich habe ausversehen zwei Accounts bei euch, da ich vergessen hatte das dieser hier existiert. Mit dem anderen habe ich jedoch schon Käufe getätigt. Wie kann ich diesen löschen um meine mailadresse wieder benutzen zu können?
  • itte sehen sie hier:
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I can’t see my previous orders
I just wanted to now if u have a tracking number for my order because I can’t find my order or and email or message to say if the are due for delivery
  • Please check your spam folder, we did send multiple emails including tracking info to your email address.

    Your spam setting must be very strict and you should add us as your contact to prevent this from happening.

    Also, you can just login to your account and find all order info you need.

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About Tykables Overnights Diaper
Hi! ABDL Factory!! Excuse me! I wonder that Tykables Overnights, Plastic Backed Diaper will restock soon? Thank you!!
  • Sadly our next Tykables restock will take a while still, probably little less then 4 weeks.
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Wann werden die Lagerbestände wieder aufgefüllt? Zurzeit gibt es leider bei einigen Produkten keine Größe M mehr.
  • Vieles was im moment ausverkauft ist kommt wieder in ca. eienen monat.

    Bis dahin gibt es bestimmt wieder andere producten die ausverkauft sind.

    Leider unmöglich um immer von alles alle grössen auf vorrat zu haben da

    lieferzeiten oft sehr lange sind und wir sehr gross bestellen müssen.

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  • Yes, we can also deliver to taiwan


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Do you have active discount codes?
  • Sorry, at this point there are no active discount codes available. Follow us on social media if you don't want to mis out on special offers.
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Why dont you offer free shipping anymore?

  • Since we ship worldwide we quite often deal with big shipping costs. To even the playing field, now not only people from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium get discounts for larger orders.

    We will apply Order Quantity Discount automaticly to all orders above a surton amount.

    All customers happy :)

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Is my size (not) available?
I can see my size in product description sizechart but only other sizes are shown in option selection. Do you maybe still have my size in stock?
  • Our shop keeps stock real time up to date. Options we (currently) dont have in stock will be hidden from selection.

    Everything changes all the time, somethimes it comes back in stock quickly, sometimes it takes weeks/months and other times the missing options might never come back. Sadly we have no sytem in place to notify you about that. Will look in to that soon and hopefully find a way.

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Where can i find your bank details?
  • When bank transfer is selected as payment method, bank information like bank account number / IBAN will always be provided in our order confirmation emails including transaction explenation. It is important order checkout process is completed to generate an order and get an ordernumber, this order number is then in turn used/nessesairy to identify your transaction with our bank.
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I want to return something, how?
  • Once you have received your order and find something is the wrong size or just not as nice as you thought, you can send it back return sender.

    Sadly we can't take back everything though.

    Hygiene products can only be returned as long as they are in unopened packaging.

    Hygiene products are: Plastic Pants, Disposable and Washable Diapers, Pacifiers

    To return items you first need to request your return true the following return form.

    To return form can be found all the way down in footer area.

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Parcel returned to sender, what now?
  • We always send notification once we receive an order back. Depending on what the reason of return is, the person/company who made the mistake will have to pay for reshipping costs.

    We store returned orders for at least 6 months, after that time they will restocked.

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Can you declare incontinence products directly with insurance?
  • Sadly we can't, you might be able to declare a prepaid invoice with your insurance though. 

    It would be advised to call your insurance company first. Invoices don't have a website name it them.

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Need help with something else?
  • Feel free to ask true mail or phone, details available on our contact page.
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What days is the company closed for national holydays?
  • 2018

    1e Kerstdag 25 december 2018

    2e Kerstdag 26 december 2018


    Nieuwjaarsdag 1 januari 2019 dinsdag

    Goede vrijdag 19 april 2019 vrijdag

    1e Paasdag 21 april 2019 zondag

    2e Paasdag 22 april 2019 maandag

    Koningsdag 27 april 2019 zaterdag

    Bevrijdingsdag 5 mei 2019 zondag

    Hemelvaartsdag 30 mei 2019 donderdag

    1e Pinksterdag 9 juni 2019 zondag

    2e Pinksterdag 10 juni 2019 maandag

    1e Kerstdag 25 december 2019 woensdag

    2e Kerstdag 26 december 2019 donderdag

    Oudejaarsdag 31 december 2019 dinsdag

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How does shipping to pickup locations work?
  • During checkout step 2 you can enter your billing information.

    On step 3 you can see what courier has pickup locations near you in your country.

    On step 4 please select a matching courier to pickup location address entered in step 3.

    On step 5 all payment options available are fine, exept pay "Cash on pickup Warehouse in Schaijk, Netherlands".

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How much are the shipping costs?

  • Shipping costs are calculated by weight / dimentions, destination country and courier shipping method choice.

    To calculate shipping costs it is important to first add all products you want to shopping cart, then hit "Calculate Shipping and Taxes" from selection under shopping cart to calculate your total costs including shipping and if aplicable Taxes.

    Sometimes you will see larger then actual weight in shopping cart, this is nessesairy to compensate its volume in weight.

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How can i stay up to date on all happenings?
  • If you want to get notified about new products special offers and discounts,  subscribe to newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ or visit shop once in a while and click on "Extra Product Pages" to see most recently added / updated products.

    Note, at this point we dont send product updates true newsletter but this should change soon.

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What are the washing instructions?
  • Washing instructions and tips for washing Washable Diapers.

    * Allow diaper to week in a bucket of Biotex

    * Special detergents for washable nappies: Potion, Rocking Green, Pure Soap

    * If you use a normal detergent, make sure it does not contain enzymes, bleaching agents or optical brighteners, soda (sodium bicarbonate)

    * Use colour detergent in powder form, not liquid detergent

    * Put vinegar in the fabric softener container instead of fabric softener to reduce the water hardness

    * Do not use too much detergent and rinse the diapers after washing extra good, with washing machine use flushing program / additional water button

    * For fecal incontinence, put disposable cloth or toilet paper in diaper in order to catch the feces so that it can be removed easily

    Without a waterproof outer layer

    * Washing machine suitable to 95 ° C * Dryer accommodate up to 100 ° C

    PUL outer layer

    * Washing machine suitable to 95 ° C

    * Dryer accommodate up to 100 ° C

    Plastic outer layer

    * Hand wash recommended / Washing on to 40 ° C

    * Let dry clothes horse

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