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Keep it dry

Tena Slip Active-Fit Ultima,
Plastic Backed


Rearz Incontrol Elite Briefs
Plastic Backing and Velcro Closure
Best quality


Betterdry Slip
Plastic Backed
Carefree Swimming


Tranquility Swimmates are disposable Swimmdiapers
suitable for children, young people and adults.
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Rearz Daydreamer
Check out the new 11000ml Rearz Daydreamer diapers
  1. Onesie Bodysuits Multiple Designs
    Onesie Bodysuits Multiple Designs
    As low as €24.14 €19.95
  2. Fixx Adult Size 10 Pacifier
    Fixx Adult Size 10 Pacifier
    As low as €18.09 €14.95
  3. Rearz Daydreamer Mega Diapers
    Rearz Daydreamer Mega Diapers
    As low as €4.96 €4.55
  4. Northshore MegaMax Slip, Plastic Backed, Multicolor
    Northshore MegaMax Slip, Plastic Backed, Multicolor
    As low as €3.82 €3.50
The best incontinence product range

With incontinence products from all over the world we can offer you the largest range of incontinence materials in the Netherlands. Incontinence products that are not available elsewhere in the Netherlands / Europe but are nevertheless very good, but also the more common incontinence materials.

Our goal, the most extensive incontinence range with mainly only the best and most popular incontinence materials at 1 location. Everything you can order through this webshop is directly available from stock.

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All orders are always shipped in sturdy neutral packaging, no one can see the contents from the outside.

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We offer many secure payment methods with, if applicable, always neutral transaction descriptions.

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Orders placed and paid on working days before 1:30 pm will be shipped the same day. International delivery possible.