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Various Adult Baby & Diaper Lover (AB-DL) Infantism Products

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AB / Sissy Bonnet from PVC

Large Bonnet with ruffle edge, ideal for sissy girls AB outfits. ..
AB Baby Diapertape 100mm width, 66m long

Large Baby Diapertape with high quality color print on a white background  Sticking very good, easy to roll PVC tape. Giving your Diapers a childlike look.  The roll is 100mm wide, 66 meters long. For about 130 diapers! ..
AB Diaper Stickers Half A4 Format, Different Styles

Diaper stickers designed by AB-DL-TB Club Forum visitors. These high quality stickers are 10.3 cm high and 29.7cm wide (Half A4, 90 micron PVC).       Available in 4 styles ..
AB Starters Package

Dressing up like a big baby with this starter package with mittens, booties, hat and bib.   (pants not included) ..
AB Teddybear PVC Diapertape 75mm width, 66m long

Cute teddybear motif very sticky and easy inrolling PVC Tape. Used to refine your diapers The role is 75 mm (3 inches) wide, 66 meters (216.5 feet) long. For about 140 diapers! ..
Baby or Elephant print to apply on your own garment

Cute application to apply yourself on your own Body, Romper..... Choice out of 2 cute prints: Baby (19 x 6 cm) or Elephant (14.5 x 13 cm)    Instructions will be included     ..
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Bibs for Big Babies

Extra large bib for adults.   Measurements: 83cm - 45cm - 83 - 32.7inch ..
Cuddlz Pacifier with a Big Silicone Teat and Shield

Full sized Adult Pacifier with a more natural size shield.  Customised baby pacifiers usually have a shield of about 5.5cm width shield, this pacifier is 7.5cm width.    Dimensions: 7.5cm shield, 3.5cm long and 2.5cm wid..
Customized Pacifiers with NUK5 Teat for Adults (Multi Color / Print)

Various Baby Pacifiers modified with a large Latex MedicPro (NUK5) Teat for Adults of comparable teat made of Silicone.   The MedicPro teat is unlike conventional pacifiers, a therapeutic suction trainer and medical dev..
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Large Silicone Pacifier for Adults

Oversized pacifier and plate in relation to adults.   The nipple is about 4.5cm (1.77") long and 3cm (1.18") in width   The mouthguard fit properly in an adult face and is about 7.5cm (2.95") wide.   Pacifier..
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Large symmetrical latex bottle dummie 240ml

Vacuum baby bottle with symmetrically Big NUK MedicPro Cleft Palate Teat for adults. Capacity 240ml ..
Medicpro NUK5 Latex Pacifier for Adult size L

Extra large teat and plate. Therapeutic feeding trainer for adults. Unlike conventional pacifiers, suction trainer, a medical device. He serves as a therapeutic tool is an important contribution to overcoming poor sucking and normalization o..
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Terry bib with collar, 2 colors

  Bib made of 100% absorbing cotton and a neckline with collar around the neck.   Washing instructions: 60 degrees, do not bleach, slightly dry, light iron   Available in: Blue and Light Yellow ..
Terrycloth Gloves with Buckle

Quality terry gloves provide protection without binding hands. Prevents scratching or rubbing and complicate the extraction of incontinence pads. It is still possible to get something to grip. ..
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