Mydiaper - Cheap Printed Diapers, Plastic Backed, 25 Pack (second choice)

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MyDiaper Comfort Slip Diaper with all over print for adults.
No high absorption but a very good fit, plastic outer layer, anti-leak walls and moisture indicator.
* Colourful printed film according to the latest Allergy Guidelines
* Made in the EU to EU directives for medical devices
* Many years experience in the medical industry
Size chart:
M - 80-125cm (31.5-49.2inch), max. ISO 2100ml
L - 115-155cm (45.3-61inch), max. ISO 2300ml
At the moment only second choice available:
Can have micro cracks in the film - there can be can burst open diapers - there may be color rubbings if misused in a white PVC Pants - the blue absorbent pad may be missing or at another location - or other unspecified error


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