Fabine Exclusive Dreamlike (Fabine Exklusiv Dramlike) with new Perl absorber absorbs even faster than the conventional SAP and converts liquid faster to gel. So Fabine is even drier and swells a little more when wet. In addition, Fabine got an even softer inner layer, which makes it even more pleasant wearing, even at the longer wear contiguous.

The Fabine Dreamlike is a very solid thick diaper with high leakage barriers great fit and extremely high absortion.

(According to field test the entire area about 4000ml, while wearing 2500ml - 2700ml)


* Extra strong absorbent absorption material

* With new black plastic outer layer


Size M = 80-110 cm

Size L = Will never be in stock, sadly the producers have proven multiple times to be extremely unreliable.

 360º slowmotion product video

Outer-Layer Plastic Foil
Absorption 4000-4500ml
Type Slip
Size Medium
Ammount Single Diaper, 1
Color Blue, Print

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Fabine Exclusive Dreamlike, Single Diaper

  • €2.50

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